Beyoncé performs $24 million dollar Dubai concert & upsets LGBTQ community...

Beyoncé received a lot of flack for her one hour $24 million dollar performance at the lavish opening of Atlantis The Royal in Dubai last weekend. 

Their anti-LGBTQ policies do not sit well and Beyoncé is deemed a hypocrite for her performance, which apparently ❝casts a shadow over her support for lesbians and gay people.❞ And yet, their Gay icon Kylie Minogue rang in New Year's Eve in Dubai too but the backlash was nowhere as fierce. Perhaps the backlash for Beyoncé is greater simply because the amount she was paid was highly publicised? 

Just as well she did not perform any of those gay anthems off 'Renaissance,' which was notably omitted from her set. Her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy joining her on stage for the Grammy-winning ‘Brown Skin Girl’ was a definite highlight of the night.



Sven said...

I think she's saving all the Rennaisance stuff for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is an opportunist. I don't doubt she supports the LGBTQ community. What I have a problem is when you use said community for your own gain. Beyonce knows how to make her money but she's all smoke and mirrors.

Rosh said...

But she also has muslim fans, is she supposed to ignore them? Beyoncé has a loooooot of different fans. Muslim fans deserve some love too. Gays aren't her only fans, even in her concerts women are waaaay more than the gays, they just need to chill. And I don't believe she omitted the Renaissance playlist because of where she was or else she wouldn't have performed Naughty Girl, Beautiful Liar or Drunk In Love and if they were sooo conservative they wouldn't have hired her in the first place, they would have hired Adele or a similar artist. It was just a strategy to increase the anticipation for visuals or when she actually performs them, thats why I think she omitted them. Just my opinion.