Janet Jackson implementing #MeToo checks for ❝Together Again❞ tour...

No abusers allowed!

Janet Jackson is reportedly the latest star after Beyoncé to do #MeToo checks on their teams. Before embarking on her ❝Together Again❞ tour in April, all dancers, band mates and general staff will be vetted to ensure they don’t have a history of abuse. 

The tour, which is set to debut new music, is expected to generate over £70 million.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Janet and Beyoncé!

Because I contacted Ms. Allred #MeToo and Nancy Drew, ACLU,NAACP but all Communications were BLOCKED by the State of California!

I Guess the State of California Pockets weren’t deep enough!

I was ignored by everyone expect Metoo who I post my complaint in their event section.

 Thinking they would forward it because California Government was and is Hacking everything issued by them to me!

Then they contacted my daughter and they started Harassing my ENTIRE FAMILY!

And frequently visiting my daughters home allegedly looking for me on Infractions Citations issued by California Transit!

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Causing FEAR and resentment towards me as well as other family members who home I frequented!

As for me I was repeatedly ARRESTED on BOGUS then released!

Then I would get and File another complaint and get ARRESTED again.

Until all the POLICE BEATING took a toll on my HEALTH! 

Santa of Santa Clara Officer Hit me and Ruptured a TUMOR and I now have Cancer!

Skilled and can pursue LYING CALIFORNIA Government (WITCH HUNT)!

Because I Whistled on Cal Trans, Cal Pers Pension Plan, Social Security, San Trans and California Police Department and San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagestaffe and his Brothers (Conflict of Interest)!

They’ve Chased me everywhere I’ve moved to to Manipulate my Health!

And almost KILLED me on Georgia!

Matter in which you can check for yourself if you need confirmation!