Demand for Beyoncé tickets go wild as fans start GoFundMe accounts...

Earlier this week, Beyoncé announced a world tour for her new album ❝Renaissance.❞ Ticketmaster says the demand for tickets for Beyoncé's hotly anticipated ❝Renaissance❞ tour exceeds their own supply by ❝more than 800%.❞ They claim it is expected that the majority of interested fans will not be able to get tickets because demand drastically exceeds supply. As the first tickets for Beyoncé's tour went on sale this week (and in the wake of the disastrous roll-out of tickets for Taylor Swift’s ❝Eras❞ tour), the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a strong warning to Ticketmaster: ❝we’re watching!❞ 

Beyoncé’s ❝Renaissance❞ tour was always going to be the tour of the century. Even if she made her tour twice and triple as long to start with, she would still have had to add extra shows. Reason being, over 225K people reportedly waited in line to buy pre-sale tickets for her tour at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London this week, which only has a capacity of 62,850. With extreme demand, more than 250,000 people were reportedly waiting in queue to buy tickets for her tour in Paris. And an estimated 13 million people signed up for the pre-sale of her tour in North America. Due to excessive demand, Beyoncé has added second shows in select US cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, East Rutherford, Houston, Inglewood and Washington. 

All this in spite of regular tickets currently standing between $60 to $400 and VIP packages ranging between $1050 and $2500. As a result, many fans have resorted to launching GoFundMe accounts, in attempts to raise funds to be able to purchase these front row tickets, according to TMZ. I guess selling a kidney or remortgaging a house are no longer viable options now. 

The North American leg now has 32 dates, while the tour has 49 shows overall. She is reportedly in negotiations to take her tour to Ghana. Billboard predicts Beyoncé’s tour will earn $275 million from just the 41 officially announced shows (excluding future dates). It is estimated the tour could gross around $7.5 million per show, potentially becoming the highest-grossing tour of Beyoncé's career.