Aubrey O’Day continues to speak out against her old boss Diddy...

One thing Aubrey O’Day gon do is keep her foot on Diddy’s neck and many of us stand by her in leading the charge, because somebody has to. A year ago, she revealed that Diddy fired her from Danity Kane because she was demanded to do “things” unrelated to her job. After Cassie filed a rape and physical abuse lawsuit against him (which they later settled), the rap mogul was hit with a third sexual assault lawsuit in a single week, prompting him to temporarily step down from his role as Chairman of Revolt. Diddy founded the digital cable television network in 2013. Of course he vehemently denies all the allegations (because honestly, a rapist and an abuser is really going to bury themselves by publicly admitting their crimes). But there is never any smoke without fire. Case in point, Diddy's former bodyguard Gene Deal says (in an interview on November 26th) that Diddy planned to hook all Danity Kane members on drugs and pimp them out to his friends. Aubrey thanked Deal for speaking the truth and for exposing the rapper for having different plans for the girl group. 

Diddy being forced to step down from a lucrative position is an actual win if it means sponsors will distance themselves from him. Macy’s have already taken steps to remove his Sean John line from their stores and website. So if Diddy is rich enough to pay his way out of a jail cell, his reputation is already destroyed since people no longer want to be associated with an alleged rapey weirdo deserving to be put out of the industry.