Monday, 31 August 2015

Rihanna to drop "new music" this fall, supposedly...

In a new interview with Billboard, iHeartMedia executive Tom Poleman says he's anticipating new music from Rihanna and Kanye West this fall and that it’s only a matter of time before we hear it! 
Poleman being an industry bigwig does make this news somewhat more believable. However, this is not direct confirmation that Rihanna is releasing her new album this year (we will hear it from her first, her words). Writing camps for the project have been happening as recently as last week and she has been seen in the studio still recording. Though "new music" was mentioned, so another new single perhaps? Even if R8 was pushed back to next year, would this be so bad? If she wants to put out a hit-worthy album, maybe this is the way to go. In a way I'm hoping this happens. I want her to be a candidate for next year's Super Bowl. This would serve as fantastic cross-promo, not just for the new album, but for her tour as well. This worked really well for Beyoncé, though the truth is, Bey didn't need SB to sell tickets. It just magnified the hype by a billion. I still have a horrible feeling that Taylor Swift is the strongest contender, but we should get the announcement around October, so soon enough.

Sorry! Beyoncé didn't register six new songs last night...

A screenshot showcasing a list of six new songs that Beyoncé supposedly registered on ASCAP has been identified as fake. 
Producers The-Dream, Babyface, Lil Wayne, Boots, and more were listed on the songs, coinciding with reports that the singer is currently working on her sixth studio album (picture proof and all). The fake screenshot was originally posted last night on pop forum ATRL, and came with no direct link to the actual information. So, no real source! Of course an eagle-eyed Bey fan provided some hardcore facts explaining why the info on the screenshot could not possibly be authentic. Why do fans fall for this? It wasn't that long ago that a fake tracklist for Rihanna's new album was floating around. Fans want new music so badly, they will run with anything. In related news, Major Lazer who gave us 'Run The World (Girls)' has been teasing their contribution for Bey's new album.

Did Nicki Minaj play herself at the VMAs?

Nicki Minaj publicly blasted Miley Cyrus on stage at last night's VMAs because last week Miley did an interview talking smack about Nicki. Miley said something along the lines of Nicki not being a nice person. 
Nicki Minaj accepts the Best Hip Hop Video award for 'Anaconda.'

This little outburst from Nicki on stage where she cussed at Miley and called her a bitch was more than likely scripted. This is the sort of stunt MTV would pull. Remember when rapper Eminem stormed out of the VMAs in 2009 after Sacha Baron Cohen thrust his bare ass in Eminem's face? Turns out it was staged/rehearsed and Eminem was in on the joke all along. And if this is the case, Nicki let big bad wolf MTV use her for ratings. It was only a few weeks ago that Nicki blasted that same outlet for favouring music videos of skinny white chicks over curvy black women. She was upset that her and Beyoncé's 'Feeling Myself' video got "snubbed." This prompted a short-lived Twitter war between herself and Taylor Swift. So if Nicki was THAT upset at MTV, why didn't she take a stand and not show up at all? Why help MTV court controversy and a fake beef for ratings? Instead, she showed up, performed with Taylor and cussed out Miley for MTV's benefit. Notice how MTV were struggling. They couldn't even get a single superstar to perform at their show. No Janet. No Beyoncé. Not even Rihanna (or Kanye West despite his honoury Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.) After this, it will be very hard to take Nicki Minaj seriously in the future.

MTV Video Music Awards: Red Carpet...

No major acts (of substance and star quality) performed at last night's ceremony. This is probably the first time I have not posted a single performance from VMAs night. Goes to show that the VMAs are losing their grip. Anyway, these pop ladies graced the red carpet: 
Ciara, Britney Spears, JoJo, Rita Ora, Kat Graham, Dumb Blonde, Nicki Minaj and Tinashe

Who had your favourite look?

Friday, 28 August 2015

New Music: Leona Lewis – 'Power' + 'Another Love Song'...

Check out Leona's 'Power,' an adult contemporary ballad that comes with some really amazing vocals, at least towards the end.
I don't think Leona would have any issues singing it live, but the song is really flat. I know I'm late to the party with 'Another Love Song.' Out of the five songs now floating off her upcoming album, this is by far the strongest. Leona should experiment more with uptempo records. This direction suits her and the garage/house vibes? Nice touch. This is summer, radio friendly pop, and although it has a 90s slant, the production is still very current. Had she released this as the lead single, she might have had better success, or at least her album would have stood a better chance commercially.

Rihanna is still holding writing camps for her new album...

I don't know what's more worrying about R8 era. The fact that we're pretty much in September and Rihanna is still holding writing camps for her new album or the fact that there has been no mention of a new single coming soon. 
Photo: Rihanna in the studio last week with producer London On Da Track.

She released three singles earlier this year, so fans thought that Rihanna's album was as good as ready. Nope. None of us wanted to believe it but this kind of validates reports that she scrapped a shitload of new material just to re-record the new album entirely! Rihanna is getting nervous. 'Bitch Better Have My Money' flopped, and she doesn't want to put out an album without obtaining a sizable hit. Something about this scenario doesn't look very promising. At least we get to enjoy another batch of fragrances and more from her Puma line while we wait patiently.

Jennifer Lopez looking fab in 'Paper' magazine photoshoot...

Jennifer Lopez, who is filming the last season of American Idol, preparing a Vegas residency and new album, brings out pure fierceness in her cover shoot with Paper magazine.
J.Lo is the ultimate fashion mom as these pics show and she's not failing to bring the fab. Check out more inside.

Chris Brown awarded 10-million album plague...

Chris Brown received a huge plaque yesterday for all of his accomplishments including 10 million albums sold worldwide. As we all know though, circumstances prevented him from selling what should have been double this amount. 
Let's be honest. The number should have been much higher given that these are worldwide sales over a decade. He was onto big things and was in touching distance of becoming the next big superstar. Right before his passing, Michael Jackson co-signed him and you don't get the king of pop giving you that type of honour if you have no potential. Say what you like about Chris Brown, but he could have been the new Usher of his generation. Maybe even the new JT. He could have wiped the floor with both of them had he played his cards right. It's just a real shame how things panned out for him over the years. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Jordin Sparks performs 'They Don't Give' on The Today Show...

R&B albums haven't done all that well over the years, and I was quite surprised to see Jordin Sparks embarking on this direction. But I can't lie. She came correct with this new album. 
'Right Here Right Now' is such a strong body of work and the sad thing about it is that it will most likely go overlooked, completely. She visited The Today Show to promote the project, which dropped in stores earlier this week. Check out her appearance as she performs her nostalgic R&B ballad 'They Don't Give' live on the show, below.

Tinashe's sophomore album has a tentative release date...

In a new interview with Billboard, Tinashe confirms her sophomore album is tentatively due for November. The new record will be a melting pot of genres, from dance-pop, R&B and ratchet-urban to hip hop and sensual slow jams.
Production comes courtesy of Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Nic Nac, Hit-Boy, Travis Scott, Boi-1da and indie producer Dev Hynes. Tinashe has recorded 30 tracks and hopes this album will have a two-year promo roll-out. Fingers crossed RCA doesn't screw her over this time and she doesn't end up funding her own music videos like last time.

Rita Ora & Wiz Khalifa debut new song 'Religion' in Los Angeles...

Rita Ora's rumoured new boyfriend Wiz Khalifa joined her on stage during her sold-out show at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last night. Together they debuted new cut 'Religion,' off her upcoming new album.
She paraded across the stage in a sheer top, with pasties covering her ample rack. She also addressed the rumour in a recent interview and didn't exactly deny it. Her answer was really safe, but as implied, two people of different sex CAN hang out and still be friends. In deed, this is true. But when it comes to Rita specifically (or at least her much talked about reputation with men), perhaps the situation is little more complex than she'd have us believe.

Justin Timberlake performs ‘Mirrors’ with Taylor Swift in Los Angeles...

Pulling out the stops, Taylor Swift had her fifth and final sold-out show at L.A.’s Staples Center last night. Justin Timberlake joined her on stage for the first time since becoming a father. 
He took a break from changing diapers to duet with Taylor on his hit song 'Mirrors.' She showed everyone just how much of a big JT fangirl she truly is and it's safe to say she wasn't the only one. Well, savour the moment because the next album from him probably won't drop for at least another 10 years, if that.

New Music: Little Mix - 'Hair'...

Little Mix have just premiered their brand new buzz track 'Hair' off their upcoming album 'Get Weird.' The cut serves as a drum heavy urban-pop bop that could easily have been a  left-over from their last album 'Salute.'
This one's fun and sassy and their feisty side comes all the way out when serving major rebuttal (“He was just a d*ck and I knew it!”). Are you listening Zayn? The beat knocks and the chorus is very catchy but lyrically, it's a bit on the juvenile side. Give the hair-whipping banger a listen inside!

Chris Brown debuts SECOND scalp tattoo...

"I do what the f*ck I want!" Judging by that Insta cap, Chris Brown is very much aware of the negative response his Venus De Milo scalp tat has been getting.
If anything it has made him see red because he has only gone and added a bull tat right next to it! Anything to flaunt the ring bling and perfectly manicured nails eh Breezy? This boy needs intervention. And no, this doesn't make you a rockstar. Just a plain ol' idiot.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New Music: Chris Brown ft. French Montana – ‘Gangsta Way’...

Chris Brown teams up with current 'One Hell Of A Nite' tour partner French Montana on 'Gangsta Way.' Light drum work and guitar riffs complement the simplistic production.
CB is singing about “riding down the block,” while Montana's vocals are drenched in autotune. Pst! He sucks so bad I find it quite surprising he still gets musical invites. Then again, Breezy hasn't been much of a catch himself these days either.

Mario unwraps 'Never 2 Late' album cover + premieres new single ‘Forever’ (ft. Rick Ross)...

Remember when Scott Storch gave Mario his biggest hit to date with 'Let Me Love You?' Turns out the pair reunite once again for Mario's new record 'Forever,' and it actually sounds pretty good. 
Seems Scorch is making a steady recovery from his recent bankruptcy, having signed Mario to his new label. Mario vows to be faithful to his woman for life on the uptempo feel-good tune, which sounds very much R&B. Of course the song is laced with some pop undertones, but not enough for it to be shunned from urban radio. In fact, the Rick Ross feature will certainly ensure this doesn't happen. The new single is due to be released on August 28th, and Mario's fifth studio album 'Never 2 Late' is due November 27th.

Rita Ora debuts Ed Sheeran collaboration on first night of U.S. tour...

Seems Rita Ora is determined to crack the States once and for all. She kicked off her U.S. 'Body On Me' tour in San Fransisco last night, and debuted her new Ed Sheeran-penned song 'Us.'
So important this is to her that she bailed on attending the X Factor premiere party due to this very tour. The song sounds cute, but I need to hear it in better quality.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Stream: Teyana Taylor - 'The Cassette Tape 1994' (New Mixtape)...

Teyana Taylor delivers pure nostalgia with the release of her new mixtape titled, 'The Cassette Tape 1994.' 
Often times, if I want to listen to oldschool R&B, I will just listen to the classic artists that made it a movement. However, this is a nice addition from Teyana, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Production comes courtesy of Kanye West, Da Internz and J.R. Rotem, and even Taylor’s current boyfriend Iman Shumpert puts in an appearance.

New Music: Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown & Fetty Wap – ‘Body On Me’ (Official Remix)...

Rita Ora's new single, featuring Chris Brown, has been remixed to include reworked production and a guest appearance from rapper Fetty Wap. This is the official urban remix.
Girl is doing whatever it takes to make this song happen in the States, and you really can't blame her for trying. Fetty is hot stuff right now, so this should actually attract some urban airplay. I like the original better, but it's totally understandable why she called on Fetty to give her that much needed push. Her name alone doesn't attract interest and everyone is probably sick of Chris 'hogging everyone's record' Brown.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Christina Milian performs new single 'Like Me' (ft. Snoog Dogg)...

This woman's music hasn't seen the Billboard Hot 100 in so many years. How Christina Milian managed to get a slot performing at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in New York is questionable. *cough*
She took to Facebook to release a full video of herself performing (and dancing to) her Snoop Dogg-assisted new single  'Like Me.' The video quality sucks but the the track sounds like it's going to be an urban club banger.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Chris Brown announces new album title in daughter's honour...

Backstage at his 'One Hell of a Nite' tour, Chris Brown enjoyed bonding time with his precious daughter Royalty. He was assisted by his mom and dad, and chose the touching moment to announce that his new album will be named in his daughter's honour ('Royalty'). So cute!
People will forever judge him for his past mistakes, and sadly that certain tag will stick with him for the rest of his life just as it did with Ike Turner. However, I have to admit there's just something really attractive about a man who dotes on his kids. Being a dad might have been his saviour once and for all.

Kelis debuts baby bump on stage...

A very pregnant Kelis surprised concertgoers during the annual AfroPunk festival in NYC. She certainly kept that quiet because no one even knew she was pregnant. Her baby bump was very much visible underneath the hot pink kimono she wore.
Kelis, who just celebrated her 36th birthday, is already a mom to 6-year-old Knight Jones, (with rapper and former hubby Nas). The baby daddy remains unconfirmed, but what we do know is that she was romantically linked to a man named Michael Mora last year. This is the very dude who openly refers to her as his wife on Instagram. Congrats!

Britney Spears performs 'Piece Of Me' show – Aug. 22nd...

It's approaching two years since Britney Spears has been performing her 'Britney: Piece Of Me' shows in Las Vegas.
The mom of two actually looked really good at the Kids Choice Awards the other day, but now her weaves have gone back to looking really matted again. Bondage-style outfits and raunchy routines fail to detract from it. Peep more pics from last night's show below.

Mary J. Blige joins Taylor Swift on stage...

Taylor's impact is quite something. Special guest Mary J. Blige joined Taylor Swift at her '1989' world tour live show on Saturday night (August 22nd). They both sang Mary's hits, 'Doubt' and 'Family Affair,' at Staples Center in Los Angeles.
The Queen of Hip Hop Soul showed up and showed out! I know a lot can happen over a career spanning 20 years. We've seen Mary work and duet with just about everyone from all genres of music but this is as random as it gets. Check out some performance footage inside.

Rihanna joins Kanye West on stage...

Rihanna was sitting front row in the crowd at last night's FYF Fest (Los Angeles, California) when Kanye West handed her the mic to perform their hit, 'Four, Five Seconds,' as well as 'All Of The Lights.'
Kanye stepped in as the headliner after Frank Ocean pulled out, and Navy was pleased. It's also crazy how fans were expecting new music/albums from Rihanna, Frank Ocean, AND Kanye during this point in the year and still, we get nothing.

Christina Milian joins Lil Wayne on stage...

An ecstatic Christina Milian joins beau Lil Wayne on stage at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in Jones Beach, New York on Saturday. She enjoyed dipping it low for him, although he looks like he didn't align himself with soap and water that day.
On the other hand, when has he ever looked clean? As pretty as she is, Christina's thirstiness really makes me sad for some reason.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Video Premiere: Melanie Fiona – ‘Bite the Bullet’...

Melanie Fiona is bringing all her sexiness to the bullet-fueled visuals of her new single 'Bite the Bullet.' The monochrome clip, directed by Melanie’s manager Carmen Murray, shows the singer rocking a Michael Costello gown with quite the bang.
She came through with this, and that's how an indie act should do it. She just needs to book some performances because no one even knows she is back out again. When Rihanna, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Janet drop their new music, I fear she would get tuned out completely. The song serves as her first offering from her upcoming third studio album 'Awake' via Title 9 Productions/Primary Wave.

Janet Jackson unwraps new album title, album photoshoot + previews new song...

Ms Jackson is serving 1993 Janet in this pic, which serves as the first look via the photoshoot off her upcoming new album 'Unbreakable' (confirmed). Peep a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot here, which was lensed by her good friend Yu Tsai.
Janet looks soooo good for 50. And she's being very consistent with this classy and mature route (no skin-baring). I'm anxious as ever to see what her costumes will look like on her 'Unbreakable' tour, which kicks off in two weeks time. I like the album title, and I'm sensing it could be a tribute to her late brother Michael, who also has a song on his 'Invincible' album with the same name.

New Music: JoJo returns with a ‘tringle’ of three new singles...

Don’t call it an EP. Following a lengthy hiatus, JoJo is back with a ‘tringle’ of three new singles, and sure I was excited, until I heard them.
I'll start with 'Save My Soul,' a very solid pop-rock ballad. She's serving vocals, and it's probably the strongest out of the three. As for 'Say Love,' this one was produced by Harmony Samuels and it's very AC, but I don't really see it doing much. She sounds amazing, but the production is dated.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ciara sets the record straight on 'CBS This Morning'...

Discussing her latest album 'Jackie' seems a bit of a decoy these days. Nobody seems to care about that album (as reflected in the sales). Moreso since Ciara's ex-fiancé Future publicly criticized her for allowing her Seahawks quarterback boyfriend Russell Wilson to spend time with their son and push him around in a stroller.
I don't know about you, but if your ex met someone new and they bonded with your child, wouldn't you be happy that your child is around someone they're comfortable with when not in your presence? Seems he's upset because the new fella in her life is more portrayed as a hands on father than he is. Hurt pride is what it all boils down to. Ciara pretty much calls Future a hypocrite because she claims to have taken care of HIS kids when they were together (it's a "double standard," she says). I'm glad she finally broke her silence, because some things needed to be said.

Little Mix perform 'Black Magic' on ‘The Today Show’ + the ‘Late Late Show’...

Though Zayn Malik has not been so subtle with his shade lately, what he fails to realise is that he is only contributing to the promo of his ex-fiancee's pop group. Following their performance at the Teen Choice Awards, Little Mix have not been playing with their Stateside promo either.
Their 'Black Magic' performances as of late have been fun, energetic and vocally impressive. We will never have another Spice Girls in this lifetime, but it's been a while since I've seen genuine chemistry from a pop girl band, at least a British one anyway. More importantly, they can all sing. This isn't just a job to them. This is their life, and it shows.

Video Premiere: Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown – ‘Body On Me’...

Rita Ora and Chris Brown have pretend sex, complete with an awkward dance scene at the end (if you can call it that). Tongues are wagging but the question here is, how pretend was their chemistry in the steamy ‘Body On Me’ visuals?
Rita, who appears topless in the Colin Tilley directed clip, (and has Chris all over her like a rash) is hoping the sex sells strategy will work and she finally cracks the States. Hmmm... The song is cute I guess, but honestly, I just don't see it happening for her. Sorry.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Britney Spears talks new album at Teen Choice Awards...

Teen Choice Awards legend Britney Spears certainly scrubs up well. This is the best she has looked in a long time. While at the event, Britney spoke to E! about her upcoming new album (“I’m working with some women who are amazing writers. I have ballads and, of course, dance music—fun cheeky sexy stuff” she says.)
She also reveals that after this stint, she may not renew her 'Piece of Me' residency in Vegas. Her final shows would wrap over New Year's weekend. I think fans would be relieved if she didn't renew her contract, because the residency has restricted her from fully promoting her music. Inside, check out some footage of Britney accepting her Candie’s Choice Style Icon Award from Fifth Harmony.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Little Mix serve as Taylor Swift's guest performers...

Perrie Edwards, who was recently dumped by her pretty boy fiance Zayn Malik showed that girl power still reigns in this day and age.
Little Mix joined Taylor Swift during the August 15th Cali stop on her ‘1989’ world tour. They performed their latest smash 'Black Magic,' with Taylor blending in really well as the fifth group member!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beyoncé covers the new issue of 'Vogue' magazine...

Going for the oily look, I guess Beyoncé was aiming for that arsey Kim K "break the internet" moment, but er, with a touch of class? She makes history becoming the first black female artist to cover the September issue of 'Vogue' magazine.
Mario Testino captures the singer in all her sexy glory as she graces the issue for the third time (2009, 2013). The styling is gorgeous but she really needs to stop trying to make this wet hair happen. It just doesn't work. Once you overlook it, you actually have yourself a stunning photoshoot.

Ciara covers the September issue of Shape magazine...

This is how you snap back after a baby. Ciara is officially a yummy mummy having lost 60lbs in four months. Inspiration! Well...
... this is the type of stuff dreams are made of. She had to have been on a criminally restrictive diet and worked out religiously (ETA: OK, and now that I've read the interview I see where she admits to putting herself on an intense program working out THREE times a day and eating clean. Yeah... I thought as much.) The new issue of 'Shape' magazine hits all good newsstands on August 18th.

Leona Lewis premieres ‘Thunder’ video...

Shorter hair looks really good on Leona Lewis, and despite the uplifting ‘Thunder’ video matching the song beautifully, I didn't find it particularly interesting.
The Sarah McColgan-directed clip, which was shot in Los Angeles, shows Leona singing on the balcony of her mansion and then throwing herself off a cliff. Though not in the suicidal sense but in the symbolic, spiritual sense of what finding freedom looks like. Visually this was a perfect fit to the song but the video was really bland and had me not wanting to press replay or be inspired to watch it again.

Robin Thicke premieres ‘Back Together’ video ft. Nicki Minaj + performs it on GMA...

Fresh off his GMA performance, Robin Thicke drops the visuals for his Max Martin-produced new single ‘Back Together.’ In the very uncreative clip, Thicke hosts a pool party at his mid-century mansion in Miami where his collaborator Nicki Minaj puts in an appearance.
The lazy video concept just wasn't cohesive with the energetic atmosphere of the song. I hated it with a passion. But then, when you fail to incorporate some energy into your performance, what else can you expect? And as much as it pains me to say it... this is why Justin Timberlake stays winning despite Thicke being the better artist.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ciara performs 'Dance Like We’re Making Love' on 'Live! with Kelly & Michael'...

Low album sales aside, Ciara is back on the promo circuit with her second 'Jackie' single 'Dance Like We’re Making Love.' Pst! She attempted live vocals and dancing...
Multi-tasking on stage is simply not Ciara's forte. It really does show how challenged she is as a vocalist. Not saying she sounded all the way terrible but her limited vocal ability is further brought to the forefront and she's been doing this quite a lot this era. I'd like to see her perform 'Dance' at the VMAs with a backing track and full troupe of dancers, but I know that will never happen. Sigh.

Video premiere: Jordin Sparks - 'They Don't Give'...

Simplicity is what's served up in the new visuals for Jordin Sparks' pretty R&B ballad 'They Don't Give.'  The video is all about those glamour shots here and there along with some emotional facial expressions and couples on a tranquil beach being in love.
Well, what else can I say? I'm struggling. Jordin looks really pretty in the video and I'm enjoying the R&B route she is going this era. I just wish she had better quality videos. I believe her album won't sell well, but at least it's here for my listening pleasure.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Listen to Jordin Sparks new tune ‘Work From Home’ (feat. B.o.B)...

Jordin Sparks teams up with B.o.B on 'Work From Home,' another new count-down cut off her upcoming new album 'Right Here Right Now' (due August 21st.)
I'll be honest and say it's not my favourite song from Jordin this era, but her lower register is everything. I enjoy her style of singing, and she's giving you something to twerk to. The track sees Jordin catering to her fella and doing what it takes to make him happy on the uptempo Salaam Remi production. Sage the Gemini is a very lucky man.

Listen to SWV's new single 'Ain't No Man'...

Veteran 90s' group SWV bring back their trademark harmonies on brand new single 'Ain’t No Man,' lifted off their fifth studio album (due October 30th.)
Using their powerful chops, Coko, Lelee, and Taj shower their men with praises on the sultry R&B ballad, which contains an interpolation of The Four Top’s classic 'Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got).' Nice!

Timbaland teases new Aaliyah music...

Aaliyah's longterm collaborator Timbaland announces that he has some of her songs in the vault, which he plans to release real soon.
Great news. I think fans would be more accepting of it, because Tim wasn't just her producer. He was like a big brother to her. I doubt we would be getting any protesting like we did when Drake and producer Noah '40' Shebib tried to produce a posthumous album from her unreleased catalogue. This one on the other hand, would feel much more authentic.

Mariah Carey releases messy 'Infinity' remix (ft. Justin Bieber & co)...

Apparently, Mariah Carey's messy remix to 'Infinity,' entitled 'Why You Mad?,' has just been unveiled by TMZ, and honestly, it makes 'Triumphant' sound amazing.
Uh. Nice try attempting to make a hot remix out of a very mediocre song.

JoJo stuns in new promo pic...

JoJo is serving in this hot new promo pic, while donning a white one-piece bathing suit and a silk kimono. She's launched a brand new website, unveiled a brand new logo and changed all of her social media handles to simply, 'iamjojo.'
Though her Instagram name 'translucentbrownsugar' had an interesting slant, I will miss it. And if JoJo is truly pregnant with this album (her words), this has to be the longest pregnancy in history. The waiting game has been all too real. I bet we don't even see an album first but a 5-song EP and some assisting visuals. Better that than nothing I guess. JoJo is gearing up to release her new album later this year, under Atlantic Records. ‘Listening parties’ have been arranged where fans will get to hear her new album first, kicking things off in Boston on August 12th.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

New Music: Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj – ‘Back Together’...

There's just no point having a high profile feature on your song if they're going to ruin it with their randomness. Case in point, Robin Thicke's new uptempo song 'Back Together,' featuring Nicki Minaj.
Minaj was most likely used to give the Max Martin-produced song some momentum (they've collaborated before) but the song would have served better without the subpar input. Overall, I do like the song. I find it a fun slice of retro pop. It's very 80s throwback and Thickey boy here is clearly trying to get his groove back with it.

New Music: Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown – ‘Body On Me’ (first U.S. single)...

Rita Ora's new single with Chris Brown isn't half bad. I mean, 'Body On Me' is nothing spectacular, but it's nice for what it is and in part, it's catchy (at least the chants). As for that messy intro, she could have kept it.
All in all, I was expecting an urban club banger.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mariah Carey receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

Accompanied by her precious twins (pun intended), Mariah Carey received the 2,556th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during a ceremony earlier today. Helping Mariah to celebrate her landmark career were speakers L.A. Reid, Lee Daniels, and Brett Ratner.
 She looks stunning!