Friday, 30 October 2015

Video Premiere: Ariana Grande – ‘Focus’...

Sax-loving Ariana Grande debuted her new single 'Focus' today and it's as fun and catchy as it gets. 
The new cut deploys a retro funk vibe, mixed in with some soul-pop, an infectious melody and a driving saxophone. 

A backing voice, clearly inspired by James Brown can be heard shouting "Focus on me!" And I have to admit that despite sounding like a leftover cut from Christina Aguilera’s 'Back To Basics' era, this new bop is in deed a pretty cute song. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Aston Merrygold brings ‘Get Stupid’ to ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’...

This was Aston Merrygold's debut Stateside solo performance of 'Get Stupid,' and he put on quite the show. 
Aston always had the entertainment value and vocal talent. This is what stood out the most during his days as JLS's frontman. However, something about his delivery and execution just reeked of corny. 

This just isn't the song to launch a solo career with and music buyers clearly agree after the song failed to make much noise in his neck of the woods.

Rihanna nabs $25 million sponsorship deal with Samsung...

Rihanna has inked a staggering $25 million deal with Samsung to sponsor her upcoming album and tour.
The New York Post reports that the deal was seven months in the making and took longer than expected because Rihanna made last-minute changes to her album 'ANTi.' Jay Z and Rihanna’s manager Jay Brown assisted in finalising the deal.

That much was evident when Jay Z was papped leaving the Samsung offices earlier this month. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tinashe covers 'Essential Homme'...

Sultry singer Tinashe has landed the cover of Essential Homme's first ever music issue. 
Posing beside her is Dev Hynes who has produced on her upcoming sophomore album ‘Joyride.’ Tinashe is undoubtedly a pretty girl, but her promo roll-out hasn't been so hot and her new music has been quite underwhelming. 

I think she might have sold herself short doing 'Playboy' so soon in her career. Most people wait to go that route after they crash and burn. No shade.

Adele covers i-D magazine (photoshoot)...

In the latest issue of i-D magazine, Adele gives her first world exclusive interview in three years, and looks great (read her entire cover story here).Wanna know what else looks great? 
Her promo roll-out for '25.' She'll:
* perform tracks from her new album '25' for an hour-long BBC special, hosted by Graham Norton (in November.) 
* perform on 'Saturday Night Live' (November 21st.) 
* film an NBC concert special at Radio City Music Hall on Nov 17th which will debut during Thanksgiving.

So Rihanna's new album isn't dropping in November? Who'd have guessed?

Hits Daily Double is reporting that Rihanna's team has moved off the November 6th release date of new album 'ANTi,' due to it not being ready in time.
Why have a very publicized exhibition for your album artwork if the album isn't ready? And there were fans thinking Rihanna would do a surprise release.

Rihanna is known to be a singles artist, and since none of her recent ones have been smashes, a release now would be risky. Let's be real, Rihanna needs those pop smashes if her album is to stand a chance at success.

New Music: Kelly Rowland – ‘Dumb’...

Kelly Rowland is giving you something to *bounce* to on a new cut called 'Dumb,' which is supposedly lifted from the recording sessions of her fifth studio album.
She really shouldn't be doing songs like this. It sounds dated and would more than likely burn out really quickly. What makes her think going the ratchet club route is a good idea? 

Oh wait, Beyoncé's been doing it a lot lately but she's Beyoncé, and despite those songs being shit, her fans would literally eat ANYTHING.

Gwen Stefani performs 'Used To Love You' on Ellen...

Gwen Stefani’s new single 'Used To Love You' made its television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.
Gwen is aging better than a lot of the pop chicks 15 years younger. But she really needs to ditch this big block of coloured hair. It looks terrible, and overshadows what was a really emotional performance. Heartbreak generates good music but will her comeback be huge? 

Maybe not now that Adele is back on the scene. A lot of artists probably wish they came out sooner.

Video Premiere: JoJo – ‘Say Love’...

There's a lot of emoting going on in the video for ‘Say Love’ and out of the three singles released from JoJo this era, this one is probably the strongest.
She looks really pretty in it and you will like it if you're into simplicity, heavy out-pour of emotion and green scenery combined. Add to the fact that the long haired boyfriend is kind of cute.

Why are the visuals not being uploaded to her official VEVO? JoJo is readying her third studio album set for release on Atlantic Records.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Ciara unveils epic new pics from costume-themed birthday bash...

Ciara's boyfriend Russell Wilson hosted her 30th birthday bash at the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, which saw many a celebrity show up in their dazzling Superhero costumes!
We've seen the ones shared by others, but not the comic-inspired filtered ones that Ciara posted to her Instagram. I have to say they're epic!

Russell and Ciara dressed up as Catwoman and Batman, even showing up to the party in a Batmobile. This photo is simply cinematographic and stunning. I love it! Check out the rest inside...

Adele's 'Hello' set to break multiple more records...

This woman isn't just snatching wigs. She's destroying hair follicles right along with it! 
The latest forecast for Adele's comeback single 'Hello' lays anywhere between 800,000 and 1,000,000 copies in it's opening week in the States.

She has sold about 500,000 copies on US iTunes alone since it's release three days ago, and that number doesn't even include SPS, TEAS, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Beyoncé & Usher hang out at Chance the Rapper’s concert...

Tidal associates Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Usher were snapped backstage at Chance the Rapper’s NYC concert over the weekend.
This looked cosy. They probably got together in their leisure time to discuss how they are going to pull the struggling streaming service from out of those plunging waters. 

Maybe Beyoncé will release her hotly anticipated sixth album on there. Of course this would be the dumbest career move ever, even if it were a sacrifice to Jay Z. He has used her enough already to promote the failing service.

Chris Brown is as legendary as Michael Jackson + Tupac, says Nick Cannon...

Okay, remember when Nick Cannon was actually married to a *real* musical legend? You'd think his views on what qualifies as legendary would have been of higher standard. 
He believes that like Michael Jackson and Tupac, embattled star Chris Brown is “a true legend amongst legends,” even comparing their media onslaught to CB’s experience.

Not to downplay CB's talent because in deed he is a very talented young man. However, his music hasn't broken barriers and it's very generic.

Britney Spears debuts sexy new looks at 'Piece Of Me' show...

Over the weekend, Britney Spears continued resuming her 'Britney: Piece Of Me' residency in Las Vegas, showing off her hot bod in brand new outfits.
The singer, who recently signed on for another two-year residency at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino, has played a total of 115 shows.  

Did anyone catch The X Factor on Saturday? It looked like Rita Ora was somewhat paying homage to Britney's 'Oops I Did It Again' music video. It was actually a big fat fail to be honest.

Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland come out for Ciara's 30th birthday party (pictured together)...

Yesterday was Ciara's 30th birthday. In celebration, she hosted a star-studded Superhero-themed birthday bash right on time for Halloween. 
The bash took place at the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, where Ciara and her boyfriend Russell Wilson dressed up as Catwoman and Batman. The couple reportedly took it up a notch by showing up at the party in a Batmobile.  

Beyoncé showed up as Storm from X-Men, while Kelly Rowland came dressed as Black Canary!

Rihanna comes out of hiding with surprise performance..

One might have spoke too soon. Rihanna surprised a sold out Hollywood Bowl with an unannounced appearance to close the CBS Radio’s annual 'We Can Survive' benefit show.
$2 of every ticket sold benefits the 'Young Survival Coalition'. Rihanna performed 'Stay', 'Bitch Better Have My Money' and 'We Found Love.' 

Her appearance comes after word got out that Jay Z may be struggling to find her a release slot for her new album this year. 


Friday, 23 October 2015

Where is Rihanna?

It's been 17 days since Rihanna unveiled the official artwork for her new album 'ANTi.' Rihanna hasn't been seen anywhere since her album cover launch two weeks ago. 
Should we be worried? November is just days away and Rihanna has not dropped a new single or announced a release date for her new album. It only took less than a week for Adele to announce her new album and then drop the song and video a day later. 

You don't create quite the spectacle over the unveiling of your album artwork and then drop off the face of the earth just like that.

New Music: Kelly Rowland – ‘Mona Lisa’...

Kelly Rowland previously guest starred on 'Empire' as the character Lucious Lyon’s mother during a flashback scene. Her stirring ballad 'Mona Lisa,' which was popularized by Nat King Cole, is featured on the 'Empire' soundtrack.
Hmmm... I don't know about this one. Kelly's been working on her new album since forever, and the chances are... we end up waiting two more years for it.

Usually, when an artist puts out on the side music, I like to substitute it. But this gets no repeat plays from me. It's too Disney! Fans can purchase the music from the episode on iTunes now.

Beyoncé wins 'XO' lawsuit...

Beyhive, rejoice! A federal judge threw out the lawsuit a singer named Ahmad Javon Lane had filed against Beyoncé, accusing her of copying his tune, 'XOXO.' 
The judge said the songs (Bey's 'XO') were not the least bit similar musically or lyrically, and the themes were also different. Well, duh!  Remember the 'Juda' vs. 'Judas' lawsuit? Same thing.

Javon was clearly looking for a large payout, but he has to find another way to make coin. This time, Bey can't be accused of stealing again (sorry, couldn't resist).

Unauthorised bio claims Beyoncé briefly split with Jay Z over Rihanna...

The rumours have been floating around for years, but author J. Randy Taraborrelli is clearly after those big bucks!
His book 'Becoming Beyoncé' claims the rumor of Jay Z's so-called affair with Rihanna (which was fabricated by a publicist in order to “boost her career”) put a strain on the couple's marriage.  

This resulted in them spending about a year apart from each other. Honestly, I really don't see how that would boost anyone's career at all.

Video Premiere: Adele – ‘Hello’...

Don't call it a comeback! Usually, Adele is the one with the broken heart, but this isn't the case in the monochrome visuals for her new single 'Hello.' 
Directed by Xavier Dolan, the emotive video contains a series of flashbacks, as Adele strolls along the countryside expressing regret at breaking the heart of an old flame (Mack Wilds.)

'Hello,' which was produced by Greg Kurstin, falls in that category of being a 'conventional' Adele ballad. It's not innovative or groundbreaking but does come with a big chorus.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rock & Roll Hall CEO: 'If Madonna is in, Janet Jackson should be'...

This is a no brainer really! Rock and Roll Hall CEO Greg Harris discusses the 2016 Rock Hall Induction nominees, and rightfully capes for Janet Jackson.
"One could say if Madonna is in, Janet Jackson should be in," Harris says. "She dominated that era and has been such an inspiration to today's stars."

No lies detected. Despite liking Janet's music much more than Madonna's in the 80s, 90s and 00s, I can admit they've both contributed tremendously to pop culture. They both deserve to be up there equally.

Adele releases '25' album cover + tracklist, announces video premiere for 'Hello'...

Woop woop! Adele isn't playing around with her promo campaign for new album '25.' As well as unwrapping the official artwork, she releases the tracklist too.
The album cover isn't very good though. It's actually bordering on tragic. Is that suppose to be a floating head? Where's her neck?!

In support of the project, she will participate in a one hour NBC special, alongside scheduled performances on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Today.’ Her video for new single 'Hello' premieres tomorrow.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Usher speaks on racial injustice + inspiration behind new song, 'Chains'...

Right before his performance, Usher visited 'CBS This Morning' to discuss the inspiration behind his new song 'Chains.' 
Usher's looking fine as wine, while discussing the victims of racial profiling and police brutality. He is aging wonderfully following his 37th birthday last week, which he celebrated with the Obamas

I wish he talked more about his upcoming album. Wasn't it suppose to drop well over a year ago? He did say he was in London this year recording it with UK producers but we knew that already.

Caught on camera: Beyoncé scolds overly touchy personal assistant...

"Just let me pose in peace, beyoootch!" Well, Beyoncé didn't exactly use those words when a pesky assistant kept on tugging at her eye-popping dress. 
She was in fact caught on camera subtly telling the woman to "stop it" without even breaking a smile. Coooold!

The moment occurred during last night’s TIDAL X: 1020 event, and of course the woman stopped with the quickness!  It kind of reminded me of elevatorgate, when Bey hid her irritation so well and utilised sinister control in a way that I couldn't.

Janet Jackson sympathises with fans over deleted social media accounts...

Just moments ago, Janet Jackson showed sympathy to fans who have had their Instagram accounts deleted. Multiple accounts were removed after footage from her recent concert was uploaded to the social media platform.
Damage control is a good start, as Janet was getting negative press over it. I thought it was really drastic that users were losing their accounts just for posting 15-second concert footage. 

Janet says she has no problem with short clips. It's just that her team go H.A.M especially on lengthy clips posted to YouTube as they create contractual problems. Check out her statement below.

Watch: Usher & Nas perform ‘Chains’ at TIDAL X charity concert...

For the very first time, Usher and rapper Nas performed their anti-police brutality anthem 'Chains' last night, during the TIDAL X: 1020 charity concert.
In paying his respects to police brutality victims Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, the R&B crooner came out in handcuffs and then broke free. Such powerful stuff. 

The liberating performance was broadcast on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' and took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. 

Check it out inside.

Monica announces 'Code Red Experience' tour...

R&B veteran Monica is going on tour with special guest Rico Love this fall. Dates for 'The Code Red Experience' have just been announced.
The 22-date trek kicks off on November 12th in Las Vegas, and will support her upcoming new album 'Code Red.'  

Monica has pushed back her new album to next year. Good decision. 'Just Right For Me' (ft. Lil Wayne) has done nothing on the charts and she needs a much stronger single to kick off this new album era.

Click here for date and venues.

Adele’s premiere date for new single is announced...

Are the charts ready?! BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw confirms that Adele will visit the studio to premiere her new single next Friday on October 30th.
On Sunday, an alleged snippet of the song was played during Sunday's X Factor segment.

What the song will be about will create a high level of intrigue. Adele hasn't encountered heartbreak this time round. She's found love, had a baby and sells a shitload of albums without even trying. 

Oh, I'm intrigued alright!

Video Premiere: Miguel – ‘Waves’...

Miguel's trippy visuals for his 'Wildheart' cut 'Waves' shows him opening a mysterious fridge door to find a busy house party. 
Other scenes show him taking to the stage to perform, while rapper J. Cole sits on the sidelines.

Indeed,  'Waves' is a pretty decent track, but 'Coffee' is leaps and bounds better. Plus, the video should have been shot on a tranquil beach or somewhere. 

Miguel has never appealed to me in that way, but he sho is looking mighty fine here.

Video Premiere: Gwen Stefani – ‘Used To Love You’...

Gwen Stefani has dropped the Sophie Muller-directed visuals for her official lead single ‘Used To Love You,’ and to say it's underwhelming is an understatement.
Gwen made no effort with this video. She was even too lazy to lip sync.

I get she was trying to do emotive following her split from husband Gavin Rossdale. However, with streaming being part of the sales count, the question that can be asked is...

Would you really be interested to watch this again?

Adele writes lengthy letter about her upcoming new album, '25'...

Adele has finally broken her silence about her upcoming new album '25.' Hard to believe, but yes, this is actually happening!
She took to Twitter to write a banter-filled letter about her album, its purpose and the concept behind it. 

Just like her previous albums, she named it '25,' because that's how old she was when she recorded it. A little predictable, but hey I'm here solely for the music.   

'25' is slated to drop November 20th via Columbia/XL.

Watch: Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj perform ‘Feeling Myself’ at TIDAL X charity concert...

Crowds went wild for Beyoncé when she performed with Nicki Minaj and Jay Z at the TIDAL X: 1020 charity concert in Brooklyn last night. 
The concert took place at the Barclays Center and 100% of its funds went to charity. 

None of the artists had full sets so we didn't get the big spectacle you normally see during a Beyoncé set. But that ‘Feeling Myself’ performance with Nicki was pure swaaaag. Damn!

Check out both HQ performances inside.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Beyoncé for 'BEAT' magazine (full photoshoot)...

She sneezed on the 'BEAT,' and the beat got sicker! Here's Beyoncé's full spread with 'BEAT' magazine, looking flawless as ever behind the lens of Ryan McGinley. Serious body goals!
A patriotic Bey is clutching that chicken knowing full well she'll be eating it at Popeyes next week.

The interview (like 'Flaunt') is another one sentence interview that doesn't give much. Is this going to be a frequent thing with her now? Meaningless tidbits?

Anyway, fans can get their hands on the free magazine tomorrow (October 21st.)

Janet Jackson continues to upset fans over concert footage violations...

Last week it was reported that producer Seven Aurelius had his SoundCloud and YouTube accounts deleted without notice after he uploaded Janet Jackson's 'S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S' to both platforms.
Well, Janet and her team have taken their deleting spree over to Instagram and fans are fuming!

Apparently, it has now become forbidden to go to a Janet Jackson concert, shoot footage and put it on any social media platform. 

Or your accounts will just get deleted even if you're a first time violator!

Tamar Braxton does a dance tribute to Janet Jackson...

Tamar Braxton and dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy recreated Janet Jackson’s iconic ‘Rhythm Nation’ video live on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night.
This is interesting, since Janet and Tamar dropped albums on the same day this month, with Janet giving Tamar quiet a beating in album sales.

Tamar did well considering she's no dancer or choreo type of artist in the vein of a Ciara or Tinashe.

Yet this was solid enough for her to do the Janet tribute at this years BET Awards.

Beyoncé & Blue Ivy attend Janet Jackson's concert...

Beyoncé and her cute daughter Blue Ivy were spotted backstage at Janet Jackson’s 'Unbreakable' concert in Los Angeles over the weekend. 
Mother and daughter took a photo with Janet's two young dancers on the tour, and they were soooo ecstatic.

Beyoncé's career in part has seen strong Janet influences, so it's nice that Bey can 'bow down' to an actual Queen.

No shade or anything. 

Video Premiere: David Vines - 'Wildfires (Ode To Baltimore)'...

Some of you will recognise the super talented David Vines, because he is one of my longest serving readers.
He's an indie artist, who has just VEVO premiered the powerful visuals for his new single, 'Wildfires (Ode To Baltimore).' 

The clip honours the lives lost and serves as a heartfelt tribute to an important protest movement.

If you like the track, be sure to look out for David's upcoming EP  '#ImAWriter,' which will release on Tuesday, December 1st.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chris Brown unveils ‘Royalty’ album cover...

Chris Brown's cover art for his seventh studio album 'Royalty' shows the singer playing the doting father to the little girl he named the record after. The adorable photo was shot by Francesco Carrozzini.
It's such a cute album cover, but it's overshadowed by accusations he's only using his daughter for positive PR. As we all know, he doesn't have the best track record with women. 

There's nothing wrong with him honouring his daughter but it's easy to see the possible ulterior motive behind it. 'Royalty' drops Nov. 27th and features the singles 'Liquor' and 'Zero.'

Friday, 16 October 2015

New Music: Usher ft. Nas & Bibi Bourelly – ‘Chains’...

Usher teams up with rapper Nas and Bibi Bourelly on social awareness song 'Chains.' The powerful cut raises awareness for the victims of racial injustice and police brutality. 
The song comes with a really cool interactive experience titled, “Don’t Look Away,” which uses facial recognition technology via a camera. 

The song stops playing the moment you avert your eyes away from those of the unarmed victims.

Click here to listen to ‘Chains’ and encounter the full experience.

First look at Rihanna as a coach on 'The Voice'...

Rihanna's 'ANTi' campaign is kicking off slowly but surely. Here is the first look at the singer as a key advisor on NBC's ‘The Voice.’ 
I know a lot of people are going to look at this video and say Rihanna shouldn't be giving advice on vocals. 

The goat jokes? So old now. Remember her X Factor performance of 'Diamonds'? That had to be one of her greatest moments ever, and she's clearly had vocal lessons. Rihanna can sing. She just isn't a SANGER type of singer, if you know what I mean.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Janet Jackson extends European tour...

Janet Jackson has added additional new dates to the European leg of her highly successful ‘Unbreakable’ tour (Prague, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.
High demand calls for some serious power moves, and Janet stays making them. 

She really is 'Burnin' Up' the globe, but what JJ needs to do is hurry up and put out that damn music video. It's time for some new visuals off 'Unbreakable.' Wouldn't you agree? 

Meanwhile, click here to check out the new dates. 

Mathew Knowles talks Beyoncé & Destiny's Child on 'The Breakfast Club'...

Beyoncé’s dad stopped by Power 105 'The Breakfast Club' to promote his seminar ‘The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?’ For that, he charges a cool $1,500. 
Knowles fobs off questions about inseminating a stripper and continues to show enthusiasm about a Destiny's Child biopic. 

DC needs to do a reunion soon he says, before they get too fat and old and can't do the dance routines anymore. 

*Sigh* Such a charming man he is aint he?

Beyoncé covers BEAT magazine...

Here's Beyoncé showing off her patriotic side for issue #16 of British magazine BEAT. 
Her body shape looks realistic. Thank goodness. Bey is thick but deliciously thick. 

The cover was shot by Ryan McGinley in the Hamptons and comes ahead of her headlining set at Brooklyn's Tidal concert on October 20th. 

The issue of BEAT hits newsstands a day later on October 21st.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rihanna reportedly sets release date for new album ‘ANTI’ *updated*...

According to Hits Daily Double, Rihanna is preparing to drop her new album ‘ANTi’  on November 6th.
This would be considered a safe zone as it means she will not be in fierce competition with the bigger threats.

By bigger threats, we're talking Justin Bieber, One Direction, Adele and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown who are all releasing albums in the same month AFTER that date.  

That should be another #1 album for her hopefully.

Janet Jackson's album sales & this tour ticket bundle...

A Madonna stan clearly writes for HDD because this is the shadiest shit I've seen from them in a loooong time, lol.
According to the writer, Janet Jackson’s album 'Unbreakable' sold well because it was aided by the 30k units that were part of a ticket bundle for her tour.   

They claim it was funded by Janet's wealthy husband before it was shopped to all the majors and somewhat rejected. 

Or in HDD's shadier terms; they got "nary a nibble."

Chris Brown announces release date for new album ‘Royalty’...

Not that team Breezy is complaining, but honestly, dude spits out more music than groupies he indulges.
HOT 97's Nessa reveals that Chris Brown gave her a release date for his new album 'Royalty.' It will drop on this year’s Black Friday of November 27th!

Capitalising on the day of money spending is a good strategy. 

I only hope Rihanna releases on that same day too. I love messy and you have to admit, this would be so entertaining. Ha!

Tamar Braxton responds to new album 'Calling All Lovers' flopping...

Kudos to Tamar Braxton on remaining positive despite the poor sales of her (very solid) album ‘Calling All Lovers.’ 
"Who cares what anyone says or thinks or who bought it... who didn’t buy it (don't cheat yourself). Hell, even if you stole it, ‘Calling All Lovers’ is my BEST work and I’m PROUD of it no matter what!" she wrote.

The album debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 with sales of just 37,000 units.

Ariana Grande unveils artwork for new single ‘Focus’...

Blonde isn't your colour, baby!
I don't know what Ms. Lolita is trying to achieve with this new look. 

It's not cute or edgy and the wig is ratty and unappealing. It looks the worse because the blonde clashes too loudly with her strong Italian genes.

New lead single ‘Focus’ (due Oct 30th) is lifted off Ariana's new album ‘Moonlight.’

Ciara slays at ‘Last Witch Hunter’ premiere...

Look at Cici, making it rain on hoes! She attended the New York premiere of 'The Last Witch Hunter' last night and looked so beautiful. 
I'm just glad not to be the female lead actress who Ci effortlessly put to shame.

Though I'm not a fan of the dress, Ciara's face looked stunning and her body will make you feel like crap after a high calorie food binge. 

Ciara's song ‘Paint It Black’ is featured on the film’s official soundtrack.